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Our Swimming - "Fuelled by laughter, every moment is a magical milestone"

Welcome from Mandy and Lisa, we've been teaching the art of swimming to families for over 20 years, we are passionate about teaching swimming and are very lucky to do a job we love so much!   

We have created our own personalised 45-week program, this is at the centre of everything we teach and is something we are committed to continuously develop and improve.   

With groups of up to 4 in both our Adult & Child and Pre- School classes we offer a bespoke program for every child, this gives time one-on-one within the group and helps tailor the needs of your child. 

Our aim is to encourage water confidence with lots of fun, we use a large variety of toys and songs, this will help your little one feel happy, calm, and safe in the water.

We are mindful to always work at their pace and most importantly teach them lifesaving water skills.

​Being a specialist private swim school we offer a personal service with small groups and high-quality teaching always sharing our enthusiasm for swimming! 

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